Waiting for my church caregroup to start. So, After a long long time ever since I have my own laptop and do all my web surfing at my own tiny room, I sit inside of a cafe again, to feel the atmosphere of a cozy-and-HK-originated environment checking emails and job offerings in Hong Kong.

The same atmosphere  does not change my overall depressed feeling. Apart from hormaonal depression drive, This six-month rotation would have been made a comment of “mentally draining" – not because of challenging cases, but due to administration,  patients’ family, as well as in-between-doctor chaos.

Yes, I gotta confess that my EQ is not adequate enough to deal with this long term problem. I was also very impressed how my supervisor can tolerate this 4-phone-call-at-the-same-time working beat, and the phone calls are only about to supply non-urgent items to patients which the doctors and nurses still urges you to just appear and finish just when you cut off the line.

At the same time, you may just spend 1 hour just answering phone calls and not seeing patients. Even you can achieve the highest workload, there are still calls, calls, and calls to ask you to see patients ASAP.

Neither am I a wonderwoman nor a person with eight arms. And I would say some of them, by right, should not be done by physios. When the time I did the final evaluation with my supervisors today, what they commented it " should not compromizing the quality by your high workload", but please check at the worst time of this roation, how many patients need to be seen on my two tiny little wards? 50!!! When the benchmark is only 18 patients daily, with full assessment and full documentation, I tried my best to reach 25 daily at the time. This should be all known ever since the wards are being located this way, which I need to stretch my time to see subsidized and private patients. Although we know we gotta spend more time to private patients under the table, the ortho-geriatric team would still urge you to see patients daily, which comprises more than 50% of your caseload, and which they are all in subsidezed wards. Then, I could not have the choice to cut contact times to private patients, and sometimes it might get patients’ negative feedbacks. This fact should be well known and that is the only reason why ortho-surgical in-patient therapist always get the least compliments overall in the department.

If they are having no ideas or plans to improve the loads, this is going to be the next therapist suffering.

And good luck, sister in Christ…