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Just wondering if the physiotherapists in Hong Kong are crazy about ESWT and they just anyhow apply this to any soft tissue overuse tendinopathy. I saw this case from a private clinic and this really shocked me – don’t they ever think about the risk of growth plate injury and fracture as one of the risks/ contraindication for ESWT? If this boy’s calcaneus/ tibia is getting deformed in the future, I am not sure if this clinic is going to be run.

Here is the testimonial:






It’s really unprofessional to suggest this modality to such cases. And sadly this is considered as one of the “testimonial" to promote the business. But after I publicize this the testimonial may be a starter for all the nightmares for any necessary legal procedures.

Be sure of what you do, how to do, and why you do. Finally I have got the answer of why I am still surviving here.