I may not be the first Hong Konger as a health care professional getting to work in Singapore. However I can proudly share the way by myself, with detailed research and preparation to the exciting journey to start my career overseas.

Yes I was a strong believer a health care professional should go through various specialty to get the gut feeling. what is the calling he/ she should do the best for the patients. That explained why I wanted to work in a hospital in Singapore, rather than tapping onto one of the private clinics in Hong Kong. Together with professional knowledge, I equipped myself with an open mind to various culture. Thanks to the location of the hospital was so near to the airport, I have seen patients and worked with colleagues from Malaysia, Indonesia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Vietnam, France, Australia, the UK, Ireland, Canada and China.

It was fortunate enough for me encountering so many friends and colleagues who helped me in my career and as a person surviving in a foreign land. I was so encouraged and got my testimonial to pursue further academically in sports physiotherapy at University of Queensland, Australia.

So now I am still traveling with Hong Kong National Squad for various sports as medical staff extensively overseas – Russia, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Poland, UAE, Jordan, Thailand, Indonesia, Uzbekistan, various part of China and many more exciting destinations ahead.

There are only a few women as medical staff in national sports teams because of extensive traveling making them sacrificing family time.  Also supporting sports teams it is stereotyped as a “manly" thing, and managers sometimes only allow male practitioners entering the changing rooms.

I strongly believe female practitioners can work and boost performance to athletes as competent as our male counterparts, and gender should not be a barrier to decide who is going to help athletes returning back to sports ground. We may not be able to persuade people by muscular body build, our our professionalism, determination to our goal and the toughness to survive in different parts of the world would be the walking examples how we are capable for the job we are doing. Image